Monday, 26 September 2022
NEW OFFER for IPBX Application
Our SIP trunking is the next step in the evolution of enterprise communication. As enterprises are constantly seeking ways to drive down their costs and enhance flexibility with minimal investments, our SIP Trunking solutions enables our Clients’ business to enjoy significant cost savings in telecommunications. Our SIP Trunking supplies high-quality, low-cost call origination and termination, International DIDs (international virtual numbers), no charge per channel, automatic recharging, and aggressive pay as you go calling plans.

This is particularly suitable for Banks, Hospitals, Telemarketing Centers, Software Companies, Accounting Firms, Corporate Houses, and the list goes on…

Introducing Next Gen New Products:

From its inception in 2005, Base Communications has been engaged in the business of enhancing the business efficiency of its Corporate Partners, by providing them with cutting edge technology, international long-distance calling solutions tailored for their exact requirements at competitive costs.

In line with same guiding principle, we are happy to inform you, that with immediate effect, we are launching two next generation products which will have an extremely positive effect on your employees’ health and increase the productivity of your organization multi fold.

In collaboration with Hydrich NG (Next Generation) Pvt. Ltd., we are launching the following products, viz

  1. Air Purifier
  2. Alkaline Oxidant Water


We all know about the importance of air in our lives because this is the main reason for life on Earth. Without its presence, life would be impossible, and other planets in our Solar system are evidence of that. Hence, airis a natural advantage that supports life on Earth. What are the uses of air in different areas of our life? We present you 10 uses of air in daily life. Read more:

Protecting from Air Bourne disease Always……….

Why there is a need for BreathePur DS01 air purifier

With everyone talking about the havoc pollution outdoors is playing on our health, one tends to forget it has penetrated even inside the walls of our villas.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks we currently face. Unwholesome air laden with chemicals, molds, pollens , and other harmful gases make us vulnerable to diseases ranging from flu, allergies to most fatal diseases like cancer.

BreathePur air purifiers remove the contaminants present in the air making it fit to enter are respiratory system.


Water is involved in every bodily function from digestion and circulation through to the control of body temperature and the excretion of waste products. The water in our bodies is continually being used or lost from the body. Some is used or absorbed by the functions it performs and some is lost through sweat, urine and faces


  • Supplies essential minerals like Ca, Mg, Na, K etc.
  • Anti-Aging Effects
  • Helps in reducing weight
  • Improves Immune System
  • Neutralizes Dangerous Free Radicals (Antioxidant)
  • Reduces Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Levels
  • Restores pH balance in the body
  • Converts Portable water to Alkaline

It will be our pleasure and privilege to meet you up and provide further details on both the products if you find them really beneficial to boost your employee productivity

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